Over five million copies in circulation.
“Good Morning Call”, a monumental rom-com featuring a boy and a girl living in an apartment, is coming back!
Based on a brand-new story, this episode starts on campus with a new love affair.

The original comic “Good Morning Call” (1997-2002), a monumental rom-com featuring men and women living in a building, was serialized in Shueisha’s “Ribbon” and a total of 5 million copies have already been in circulation.
It was first dramatized last year, and we have the season 2 released in 2017. A new character interacts with the couple of Nao and Uehara-kun, who are now college students, and a new “Good Morning Call” world emerges.
Following the previous episodes, Haruka Fukuhara acts as Nao and Junya Shiraishi, as Uehara-kun. Nao's childhood friend Daichi is played by Toru Sakurada, Nao's best friend Marina, by Moe Arai, this time, too. Togo Nagashima acts as Mitchan, and Koya Nagasawa plays Jun Abe. Yoryo Sugino plays the new character, Kaede Natsume, a student who looks and is flippant (!?). He rivals (!?) Nao and goes to the same university as Uehara’s. Mary Jun Takahashi plays Saeko Kumanodo, a tempting and beautiful researcher at the university. Itsuki Sagara plays the manager of the handball team.
The drama, based on the specially created script, starts on September 22 with Netflix × FOD.